Using Agents to Apply to English Language Schools and Courses
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Using Agents to Apply to English Language Schools and Courses

Agents are educational consultants who assist students in choosing and applying to a school. Agents will assist you in choosing a school, filling out the application forms and providing school literature in your native language. They may also offer a pre-departure orientation explaining what you should experience during your first week overseas.

This is useful if your English is limited as you can speak in your own language and will have assistance with the paper work. Also applying through an agent means that you will have a contact in your home country as well as your application being prioritized by some schools.

Most agents do not charge for this service as they are paid 15% commission of your fees by the school itself. Also, some agents are not reliable as they will only recommend the most expensive courses, thereby gaining the highest possible commission. In some case agents have been known to work in conjunction with high cost, low quality schools where students are sent on overpriced, unregistered courses where the only person who benefits is the agent.

If you know what kind of course you would like to take and where you want to study you can apply directly to schools over the internet. Also, many schools will offer discounts for direct applications. Schools may also offer to pay commission or offer discounts to students who recommend friends to that school. Keep in mind that there are unseen costs in applying to English language schools. If you require a visa, documents will need to be translated professionally, postage will have to be paid and extra charges are incurred. When you book an English course though an agent these costs are absorbed by the agency and you have a professional to assist in your application.

FELCA is an international group of reputable agents.

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