How to Apply to English Language Schools in English Speaking Countries
New Zealand
South Africa
The Caribbean

How to apply to an English language school?

The application process can seem confusing when you first start looking for an English school but it is a simple process which involves relatively few steps. Doing a little bit of research in advance makes it much easier to complete the process.

Step 1.

Decide on the country to study English

Deciding on a country is the easiest way to narrow search for a school. Once you have decided on a country do some research to see if you need a visa. In many cases a visa isnít necessary for periods of up to 90 days, but the laws differ depending on the country. Check to see if there is a possibility that you will not receive a visa. The best way to do this is to contact the embassy of your chosen country directly. Remember that you will not be able to buy tickets till until you receive your visa and the visa application process may take several months. Keep the weather and cost of travel in mind when you decide on the time of year to study.

Step 2.

Find an English school and English course

Once you have decided on the school and type of course you want to study you apply to the school, if you are accepted they will request payment, usually by electronic transfer. After this you will be booked on a course. If you do not require a visa it you can make travel arrangements. If you do require a visa on receiving payment the school will send you the documentation required to apply. Most countries have a programme where schools are approved by the government. Make sure to choose a school on the approved register as only these are accepted for visa applications. Also some schools are fake, and if you book a fake school and are not able to attend it is unlikely you will receive any money back.

Step 3.

Apply for a visa

If you need a visa you can apply for one after receiving confirmation from a school that you have been booked into a course. This process can take anything from a few days to several months, so be sure to book well in advance. Once you receive the visa you can make travel arrangements, set up bank accounts or internet banking, look for accommodation, etc. Further information can be found on the individual country pages. Information on finding an applying to English schools in the UK, English schools in Ireland, English schools in the US, English schools in New Zealand, English schools in South Africa, English schools in Canada, English schools in Malta and English schools in the Caribbean. With you can search by location to find English courses in the UK, English courses in London, English courses in England, English courses in Scotland, English courses in Wales, English courses in Northern Ireland, English courses in Cambridge, English courses in Manchester, English courses in London, English courses in Cambridge, English courses in the USA, English courses in N.Y. English courses in Glasgow, English courses in LA, English courses in San Francisco, English courses in Sydney, English courses in Melbourne, English courses in Australia. English courses in Ireland. English Courses in the USA. English schools in the UK. Learn English in England. Learn English in Bristol. Learn English in Brighton. Learn English in Florida. Learn English in New York. Learn English in London. Learn English in Oxford. Learn English in Glasgow. Learn English in Cambridge. Learn English in LA. Learn English in San Francisco. Find English

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