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What are the energy saving options with table lamps?

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Interior-Deluxe: Whether it’s for the monetary reasons or the environmental ones, energy-efficient lamp models are now being specially designed in greater numbers to meet the consumer demand.

Without compromising on either task or the general lighting purposes, they have proved beneficial for the reduced energy consumption.

LED desk lamps are the most eco-friendly when compared to the halogen, incandescent and florescent bulbs. LEDs make use of about 1/5th of the total energy that a halogen lamp consumes.

With a possibility of not having to change the bulb or accidently burning yourself when it’s turned on, it is a convenient option to choose from.

What’s more, task lighting with LED desk lamps can be turned more effective through its greater variety of color temperature and CRI. And the unique modern designs in LED desk lamps mean you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics either for better quality.

On the other hand, the halogen lamps, providing you with brisk and bright lighting, make excellent choices for task besides the general lighting ability. The most commonly used incandescent bulbs also reduce glare and shadow formation in their uniform light spread.

One disadvantage to using them is their short lifespan, and the fact that they are more suited to ambient than task lighting. The third option, fluorescent lamps, is brighter than even incandescent light bulbs. Its drawbacks are that it’s expensive and needs a warm up time before producing optimal light output.

One another option to test out is the full-spectrum lamp. Imitating the natural sunlight, they have been designed to support the maximum energy output for all kinds of task lighting applications.

The lifespan of each bulb is a factor that you cannot afford to miss. LEDs, on average, have a life of about 50,000 hours; both fluorescent and full-spectrum can work up to 10,000 hours; the halogens come with a 1000-2000 hour lifespan. They are followed by the incandescent lamps in the end having a relatively short life of about 200-1200 hours.

Types of Floor Lamps

There are a few main categories of floor lamps you’ll come across in your search.

Shaded Lamps

Shaded lamps, sometimes called console floor lamps or traditional floor lamps, are likely the kind of lamp you first picture when you think of a floor lamp. They have a large base with a pole that rises up a few feet to a light bulb that’s surrounded by a traditional shade.

These lamps are great for lighting the space around a table or chair, to enhance your ability to read or complete other tasks you need to be able to see well for.

These are fairly common, so you can find a wide variety of designs in this category and shaded lamps that come at a lot of different price points.

Torchere Lamps

Torchere lamps are similar to shaded lamps, except that the shade points up. This means they don’t provide as much direct light and won’t be as useful for something like reading, but they instead provide ambient lighting that can create a nice atmosphere for the space.

As with shaded lamps, you have a good number of design options and a variety of price points you can find torchere lamps in.

Instead of having a pole that shoots straight up from the base, like the other two options, arced lamps have an arced pole that the lights hang on the end of. They’re often adjustable, so you can change where the light is pointed based on your need.

Some arced lamps have shades, but many don’t. It’s also fairly common for arced lamps to have multiple light sources, so you get more light from them and can adjust where each source of light is pointed for more flexibility. More at

Making The Most Of Your Desk Lamp

A desk lamp can serve more as a decorative than a functional piece; if you are choosing a lamp for its looks more than its light, you are free to let you inner interior designer run wild. One look at the many stunning lamps offered by a venerable maker such as Tiffany, for example, will justify the choice of a lamp as ornament more than light fixture.

However the primary purpose of a lamp is illumination. Thus once you have chosen a desk lamp with a lumen output that suits your needs and with aesthetics you appreciate, it’s important you place the lamp properly.

If you have chosen a lamp with a gooseneck design, then it can be easy to move the light source closer to and farther from the pages or pictures before you. These types of lamps are also easier to move entirely out of your field of view without moving their base.

Many modern desk lamps are so lightweight and compact that they can be moved about your desk or even brought to other areas of your home or office; don’t be afraid to move a desk lamp around frequently.

Too often people treat a piece of furniture or a fixture as immovable once it has been set in a given place. Such is hardly the case: you should reposition your lamp as often as you need for ease of reading to to accommodate the other items sharing the desk. More at