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Making The Most Of Your Desk Lamp

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A desk lamp can serve more as a decorative than a functional piece; if you are choosing a lamp for its looks more than its light, you are free to let you inner interior designer run wild.

One look at the many stunning lamps offered by a venerable maker such as Tiffany, for example, will justify the choice of a lamp as ornament more than light fixture.

However the primary purpose of a lamp is illumination. Thus once you have chosen a desk lamp with a lumen output that suits your needs and with aesthetics you appreciate, it’s important you place the lamp properly.

If you have chosen a lamp with a gooseneck design, then it can be easy to move the light source closer to and farther from the pages or pictures before you. These types of lamps are also easier to move entirely out of your field of view without moving their base.

Many modern desk lamps are so lightweight and compact that they can be moved about your desk or even brought to other areas of your home or office; don’t be afraid to move a desk lamp around frequently.

Too often people treat a piece of furniture or a fixture as immovable once it has been set in a given place. Such is hardly the case: you should reposition your lamp as often as you need for ease of reading to to accommodate the other items sharing the desk.

Staying awake to page through a good book doesn’t need to keep your partner up.  Choosing the right nightstand lamp is a bright idea for two reasons: Not only will it ensure that your significant other gets a good night’s sleep, but it can also improve the quality of your own shuteye.

That’s because any glowing light—whether it comes from your lamp or a phone—prevents the release of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep. But if you use the following advice on picking the perfect light (and light bulbs) for your bedroom, you can reduce the problem—and still dive into a great read!

Try a Book Light

Skip the overhead light or lamp and use a small book light, which clips onto the novel that you’re reading and aims a concentrated stream of light onto the pages. This keeps your partner in the dark—literally—to the fact that you’re still awake with a book.


Start by asking yourself, ‘What do I want these lamps for?’ Do you want to make a style choice, or do you need enough light to read by as you settle in for bed?

You have different considerations for romantic mood lighting, table lamps that brighten a dark corner, or lamp shades that create a softer light. Choose directional lighting for reading or ambient lighting to get rid of any shadows.

1.FLOS Kelvin Lamps

We don’t have the room for an articulating lamp, but we think these are the best for serious reading lighting. The Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen design lamps come in floor, table and wall mount versions. Sleek, but not slick, the Kelvin line reminds us of a metal sheathed bonnet.

2.Living by Christiane Lemieux Flo Light

This is a small and simple lamp that’s great for those who like to read in bed. Flo has a brass outer body and an angled head that directs light onto a small space for focus. The price is reasonable too – great if you are buying a matching pair. The table lamp is 41cm tall, and there’s a floor lamp version too.

3.Habitat Flut Tube Lamp

Here’s an idea shown several years back in an issue of Livingetc (April 2005) showing the Habitat Flut light positioned on the underside of a bed nook. A very clean finish for a modern bedroom and the lamp should provide ample illumination for your greatest sized tomes.

4.Habitat Lyss Table Lamp

This budget retro-style smoked glass lamp is made to show off the bulb, so make sure you choose a good one. Habitat suggests an E14 halogen mini-globe bulb (£2.99) designed to give an ambient glow, rather than directional light. At 19cm high, the Lyss table lamp is on the petite side, but should come in handy for small bedrooms. It comes in an opaque white version too.

5.FLOS Piani

It’s not dimmable, but this modern plastic-and-aluminum lamp’s downward-facing diffuser casts an indirect glow bright enough to read by. Coins, keys, and other tiny objects nestle securely on the rimmed lower tray.

6.Northernlighting Seed

Inspired by the shape of a plant emerging from a seed, the wall-mounted reading lamp uses energy saving LED bulbs and can be shaped into whatever need you might have while enjoying your read. Added bonus: buy a couple in green and you can do an impressive impression of Shrek too.

7.Pooky Nellie Table Lamp

Pooky’s Nellie lamp is made of ceramic with a coloured glaze, which comes in emerald green, red or blue. There’s a choice of pleated cotton lampshades to go with the base, which range from £42-70. All are in a contrasting style that makes for a very unusual lamp. It fits a B22 bayonet bulb and comes with a three-cord braided flex.


Much like bedroom sets, bedside lamps come in several types and styles. Metal lamps with narrow bases work great on smaller bedside tables or if you need extra surface area for books, cups, clocks, and reading glasses.

A wider lamp with multiple bulbs provides more overall light. The materials that go into the lamp denote its sturdiness; a metal lamp is sturdier and more durable compared to a glass table lamp or a wooden bedside lamp. More at

Buy Bulbs Wisely.

Besides just getting a low-wattage bulb, choose one that filters out blue light (the spectrum of light that interferes with melatonin). This will help your body maintain its natural circadian rhythm so that you don’t have trouble falling asleep once you’re done reading.

Be Shady.

Adorn your bedside light with a lampshade that covers the entire bulb. That way, the shade will shield the bulb from your eyesight and limit how bright the area is.

If you start dozing off mid-read, be sure to switch off the lamp. Keeping the light on while you’re counting sheep is linked with more shallow sleep and causes people to wake up more frequently during the night. You might also end up sleeping in an unusual position—such as sitting with your head tilted forward—and waking up with neck or back pain. More at