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Where To Buy The Best Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

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When you look at energy efficient light bulbs on the Internet, you will likely see a couple different kinds. This will involve the purchase of LED lights, and there are also CFLs. Light emitting diodes tend to be the most popular, not only because they are bright, but also energy efficient.

Compact fluorescent lights are just as popular, and they come in both large and miniature versions. Here is a quick overview of how you can find the best energy efficient light bulbs that you can use in your home in order to save money on your electric bill every month.

Why You Would Want To Switch These Out

You would want to switch these out for the simple reason that the cost of the lightbulb, at least a standard one, is about 10 times less than the amount of electricity that you are going to use in order to power the bulb.

Conversely, the ratio of cost versus energy usage with LED lights and CFLs is going to be about a 1 to 1 ratio. Therefore, even though they are more expensive than a standard bulb, you are actually saving money when you are looking at this from a long-term perspective. More at

How Can You Find These Bulbs Online?

Although you could purchase these right away from a major home improvement store, or a global store like Amazon, you are better off to look at reviews first. There are new ones that come out every year, and because they are constantly changing, you need to see which ones are currently the best.

Once you have gone to this information, you can then search these other websites and see if they are currently selling them. If not, go to specialty lighting stores, ones that sell nothing but lights and home decor items. They will likely have the one that you are looking at for an affordable cost.

How Long Will They Last?

When you compare the length of time that a standard bulb will last in comparison to these other two, it’s actually quite astounding. Most of us have gone to the store to purchase light bulbs that you may have purchased just a few months before.

You typically get about 200 hours off of a standard incandescent bulb, but this is greatly different when comparing this with LED lights. They can last up to 50,000 hours, and CFLs will last about 5000 hours on average.

If you are going to get bulbs that last the longest, LED lights are the ones to choose. If you want something that’s brighter, you can go with CFLs that will cost about the same.

If you want to continue to replace regular light bulbs on an ongoing basis, just because they are cheaper when you initially purchase them, you will probably buy them every couple months.

It just depends on what type of light you like, and whether or not you are concerned about how long they are going to last. At the very least, if you are concerned about saving money on your electric bill, definitely consider investing in LED lights and CFLs. More at